11.1 Imma back

24 Mar

Yes imma back, to blog about this. im back.


10.17 The Puzzle of Life

1 Jul

Yes. Life is like a puzzle.

We need to find our own way to get the Big Picture. Some of us gets hold of the box at start with the backbone of the puzzle, which makes life even simple, all well planned. For some even just letting other people to complete your puzzle, you wouldn’t care much, you just let them do it, enjoy the benefit, while others work hard on it.

The remaining bunch of us, we fix the puzzle with our own blood and sweat. We fix independently. We go through many  mistakes; puzzles that couldn’t fit well together. And when it does, its great, for some, its by lumps, getting ready to group them, but certainly have no clue if anyhow theres no vision or sense of direction.

Some even fit properly, they found vision, but the picture seems distorted. We removed the distorted one and try fixing it again. Some will take longer time to complete, some prefer to be fixing without asking for help, some prefer to purposely distort themselves until no one likes the picture anymore.

And when the picture is complete, you realize, thats its a double sided picture. you choose which one you want to impress the viewers.

Some takes the complete picture and frame it, portraying to everyone, hanging from the ceiling, 360 view, to show the masterpiece.

10.16 Roaring Thunder and Raging Seas

28 Jun

Finally, found some time to blog again. Seems pretty busy am I?

Just to let you know, its my sem-break until 2 Aug, and then it starts again.  I don’t think I did great in my finals, but nevertheless, I believe that, ” I can do all things Through Christ, I can MOVE the mountains if You, are the strength of my life.” And I believe BY FAITH, His Favor will be upon me!! 😉

I registered for BCM classes, on how to counsel Youth on every Mon and Tue for 6 weeks. Me attending the 1st class has made me recall the basic foundations of being a zone leader as well. Definitely we all are not perfect, and \, do make mistakes, but we can choose to learn from it, or we can hold on to the past.

Its definitely not easy to be to juggle/balance LIFE, for some it may seems as, in different situations, we put up a certain character, at least for me, its NOT to impress, but its to find balance within the group, trying to meet the needs.

Definitely I have unresolved matters in my heart, that I am struggling.  But I hope that, you will cover me in your prayers. =)

10.15 What people called, An OKAY week ;)

24 Apr

Yes, it has been an okay week for me.

Started with Sunday, having syiok moments with  YA people after memorial service, at AHWA Jalan 222. Lovely pancakes, and other great food.

And wake up the next day (Monday) for Finance Int visiting lecturer. So “fun”, to listen to him. And all visiting lecturers ask us about Petaling Street without fail. How to get there, what time its open, what the name of the place “kind-forget-it”.

Cont on for another 2 days of him.

With an addition of a (Wed) taxation in-class test, which was really really cuckoo. The marking scheme was really “nice”. Even if there are workings, marks are only allocated to ur final answer. So incase, u ter-missed-out 1item, u get 0. YES 0!! =.= (20% paper).

American Idol-ed at night. Thank God Tim Urban is out. Haha.

Thursday night, was to Pavilion with Josh, EMILY TIAN PEI Yi, and Andy. Basically just walk around and decided in the end to go AHWA at Jalan 222 again. =D Love the food there.

And Friday, lunch at Euro Deli with Mdl and KJ. Love pork pork pork! And the night for cell at SS 19 A.

And the final day (Sat), the most “happening” day.

10.14 Fantasy Unlimited

10 Apr

Yes its fantasy unlimited, never final, yang terakhir. =P

Had the most life-changing experience dream last night. Casting all the special effects and stuns aside =P, my friend (the thing was that, this friend of mine, I did not met him/her before o.o) and I was standing at the top of a building. The building started to collapse, like a sand castle. So (maybe to much game-like mentality), there was a path to reach ground, kinda off a zig-zag from the roof to the ground was So I needed special skills to roll myself down with getting hurt.

I managed to roll down along with my so-called friend down the zig zag path (Plan-view, go google if dun understand) But, I got really hurt at my hurt, lots of wounds, and a hospital was next to me. I managed to walk in, or rather a nurse “checked me out” =P Looking at my wounds she was, then I kena anesthetic, o.o, so I passed out. I could hear some background noises of nurse chatting, cleaning my wounds and bringing me around. Once I woke up, I found myself in a room, and the person on the bed beside me was my so-called friend.

My wounds were all bandaged and antiseptic-ed (I hope), I couldn’t stand properly I had to walk cripple wherever I went.  And then, I forgot. =P Let u hang awhile, and once if I ever get the same dream, (which i normally do), then its part 2 =)

10.13 Refurnish

8 Apr

Well, its been half of my 1-week mid-sem break.

Great time of just staying at home, watching tv, playing facebook and etc. -.-

Thanks be to God for He is good. I was able to catch up with Him, reading the WOG on James Chp 4 onwards ( just random flipping, and wahlah!)

Cant wait to together-gether with God’s lovely people, my lovely buddies/kunchus. (my John Chew, my Adam Yong, my Esther Lim, my Alex and Aaron Oh, my Aaron Lui and Aaron Leong, my Esther Yong, my Kristy, my Jason Ngu, my Danny Tan, my Cindy Koh) -names are in random order. John, ur not my number one =P and also to those I might forgotten to publish =)

Guess these people are the ones who makes my days Happy and Happier, and Weird, sometimes, awkward, and LAME and COOL. CAMEO.

10.12 Turn It Around

1 Apr

History may not repeat itself. What more to consider to live to the fullness of Him. Living live as a testimony to others and also for your own self!!!

To be better, not to live by the past, and to have the need to grow MORE. To look to others, as others have look on you.

Live life afresh and anew. MUST CHANGE.

PS: April Fool aint a good day. Imagine there was a bad news, but ppl wont take u seriously. So saddening.